Bearded Dragon Care Questions Answered

On this page you can find links to all the articles we’ve written to answer specific questions about bearded dragon care. Bearded dragons aren’t difficult to look after, but they do have some very specific requirements that need to be met. If you meet their requirements your bearded dragon will live a long, happy and healthy life.

Bearded Dragon Prolapsed Cloaca

Bearded Dragon Impaction

Or, my bearded dragon hasn’t pooped in ages… They may have bearded dragon impaction. How to recognise it, how to avoid it, how to fix it.
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Jargon buster glossary for Bearded Dragons

Table of Contents What Words Mean What??BaskingBrumation CloacaDustingDystociaEcdysisEgg Bound Feeder (Insects)Femoral PoresFluorescent LightingGerman GiantGravid Gut loadingHusbandry ImpactionLeatherback MBDMercury Vapour BulbMetabolic Bone Disease.Morphs MVB Non Particle SubstrateParticle SubstrateSheddingSilkback  (Silkie)SubstrateT5T8ThermoregulateUratesUV – Ultra VoiletUVAUVBVent What Words Mean What?? Are you thinking about getting…
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How To Trim Bearded Dragon Nails

Table of Contents Anatomy Of A Bearded Dragon ClawWhen Should You Trim A Bearded Dragons Nails?How Do I Trim My Bearded Dragons Nails / ClawsWhat Equipment Will I Need?Techniques To Trim a Bearded Dragons Nails.What…
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Can I take my bearded dragon outside?

Table of Contents Can I Take My Bearded Dragon Outside?Climate and outside TemperatureEnvironmentPredatorsTicks and parasitesReptile Leads, Leashes and HarnessesOutdoor Enclosures Suitable For a Bearded DragonBuying NewAnimal play pensOutdoor Enclosure / RunSmaller Enclosures / CagesUsedWhat to…
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Bearded dragon being held in hand

Do Bearded Dragons Bite?

Do bearded dragons bite? The answer is yes, but very rarely. Find out why a bearded dragon might bite you and what you can do about it
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Equipment You’ll Need For Your Bearded Dragon

Table of Contents Vivarium / Terrarium / TankLightsUVB Strip Lights (Linear Lights)UVB ControllerBasking LampLight ReflectorCeramic Heat EmitterThermostatsThermometers / Combination ThermHygrometerHammocks / Ledges / Basking Areas Vivarium / Terrarium / Tank As we’ve discussed in various…
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Buying a Bearded Dragon

In this article we outline the things you need to look for when buying a new bearded dragon, whether from a pet shop or a breeder or rescue centre.
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