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Bearded Dragon Care

This section of our website details the various different aspects of bearded dragon care. These articles are generally fairly short. They focus on a specific area of care that’s not really related to health or diet but more general care. More topics will be covered over time. Please subscribe to our notifications so we can let you know when we add more!

This section contains howto’s for various aspects of bearded dragon care, such as how to bath a bearded dragon. We investigate the costs of keeping a bearded dragon and how they compare to more familiar pets. And of course, we look at the various different behaviours you may encounter as a bearded dragon keeper.

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How to Bath Bearded Dragons

Find out if you should bath your bearded dragon, when you should bath them, how often and why you should bath your bearded dragon in this article
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Bearded Dragon Head Bobbing and Arm Waving

Bearded Dragons exhibit some complex social arrangements through movements of their body such as head bobbing and arm waving. Here we explain some of the complexities and how to interpret their mood from the body…
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New Bearded Dragon?

Table of Contents New Bearded Dragon Owner?What Will I Need?Vivarium (also known as Terrarium or Tank)Substrate (also known as flooring)Lighting and HeatingHeatpads / HeatrocksUnder Tank HeatersTimers, Thermostats and HygrometersDecorations / Rocks, Plants and LogsFoodVetsA Friend…
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