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Bearded Dragon Novelties / Souvenirs – 7 Fantastic Gift Ideas For Beardie Lovers

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We often get asked where people can buy bearded dragon novelties such as mugs, stickers (people do love stickers!), T-Shirts and things. So we’ve decided to start our own Novelties Shop. It’s available at and it’s growing all the time. It’s not restricted to Bearded Dragons either, it does cater for Iguana lovers, Chameleon lovers, Gecko lovers and more. Feel free to check it out by visiting or have a little look at some of our favourite bearded dragon novelties below. Clicking on any of them will take you to the specific item on the store. It’s a great place to have a look for some bearded dragon gift ideas for anyone you know that loves bearded dragons – or other reptiles.

Bearded Dragon Stickers

Here’s some links to some of our favourite bearded dragon stickers. Stickers are a great gift idea because they can be added to almost anything – at least anything with a non-porous surface. You can use these bearded dragon stickers on laptops, windows, car windows, mirrors, doors, fridge etc.

Close Up Bearded Dragon Sticker on a water bottle
Billie the Bearded Dragon closeup Sticker
Bearded Dragon Sticker
3 Stripe Bearded Dragon Sticker
Owned by a bearded dragon sticker
Owned By A Bearded Dragon Sticker

Bearded Dragon T-Shirts

Who wouldn’t love a bearded dragon gift idea that is a bearded dragon T-Shirt? These great T-Shirts are available in multiple colours and multiple sizes and all are reptile related. In this case of course they’re bearded dragon gift ideas, but if someone you know has a different type of reptile we probably have them covered too.

Bearded Dragon T-Shirt: Rock On
This is our signature T-Shirt design – Bearded Dragons Do Rock!
Beardies Are A Girl’s Best Friend T-Shirt
Bearded Dragon T-Shirt: 3 stripe colourful silhouette
3 Stripe Colourful Bearded Dragon Silhouette

Bearded Dragon Mugs

Mugs are a great gift for anyone – and these mugs feature bearded dragons, bearded dragon art or bearded dragon novelty slogans for example. The good thing about a mug as a gift is that it’s practical. Most people like a coffee or tea in a good mug. These are great quality mugs.

Bearded Dragon Mug with Carnations Background
Bearded Dragon Carnation Mug
Bearded Dragon Mug: Sunset Vespa Trip
This is one of our all time favourites – our very own Billy The Beardie getting away from it all on a Vespa!
Live Love Beardies Mug

There’s loads more designs and loads more products available at – go have a look and let us know what you think!

Other Reptiles doesn’t just cater for bearded dragon gift ideas, it also has some similar great iguana gift ideas, or chameleons, geckos and loads of other different reptile gift ideas, souvenirs and novelties. Feel free to check it out even if you don’t have a bearded dragon!

Let us know what you think! All proceeds from go towards helping us keep the information at freely available to everyone.

You can also check out our other designs on RedBubble and Amazon Merch if you prefer!


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