Bearded Dragons: The Essential Guide ( Facebook Offer )

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Are You A New Bearded Dragon Owner?

Already Keep A Dragon But Want To Extend Your Knowledge?

If you already have your bearded dragon, or are thinking of getting one, do you know what you’re getting into?

Do you have questions about your bearded dragon care?

Perhaps you don’t even know what questions to ask when doing your research?

Our e-Book can help!

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Our e-Book, Bearded Dragons: The Essential Guide contains over 80 pages of all you need to know as a new Bearded Dragon Owner, or an existing owner wanting to do the best for your pet. An easy to read e-Book that you can download to your computer, phone or tablet. The format is easy to follow and easy to understand and is delivered immediately with no need to wait.

Topics covered:

  • Deciding whether to own a Dragon
  • How To Choose A Dragon When Buying
  • General Dragon history and information
  • How Much Do They Cost, Initially And Ongoing
  • What To Look For When Buying Equipment
  • What NOT to buy – save your money
  • What Bearded Dragons Eat
  • Common Diseases, How To Avoid Them And How To Treat Them
  • How To Deal With Shedding Skin
  • What Is Brumation
  • Correct Lighting And Temperature
  • Which Are The Best Substrates
  • Common Behaviours
  • Common Pitfalls





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Using your code, unique to Facebookers searching for relevant, unique, helpful content you can buy The Bearded Dragons: Essential Guide for less than 6 bucks. The knowledge in this book can save you multiple times that. Buy now, enter FB60 into the voucher box and save.[/geot_filter]

Bearded Dragons aren’t complicated pets to look after once you have the basics down pat – but there are some things that you need to know before taking one home. Our book covers all the basics that a keeper will need all in one convenient easy to read format.

We’ve based the book on our own years of experience keeping Bearded Dragons and extensive research from various sources including Veterinarians, Herpetologists and Rescue Centres.

No need to spend hours scouring the internet for answers to your questions

(And a lot of internet sites are based on old, out of date information that isn’t updated as new research comes along – our eBook uses up to date information and research)

Over 80 pages of useful information, hints, tips and money saving advice for bearded dragon owners.

Answers to the questions you never knew you needed to ask are all within these 80+ pages.

See some of the book contents by clicking on the thumbnails below

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