Bearded Dragons: The Essential Guide Paperback Book 1

Our book gives you all the information you’ll need to look after your Bearded Dragon properly

Saving you money, stress and vet trips

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What Does It Cover?

  • Deciding Whether To Own a Dragon.
  • How To Choose A Dragon When Buying.
  • General Dragon History And Information.
  • How Much They Cost, Initially And Ongoing.
  • What To Look For When Buying Equipment.
  • What you don’t need to buy – save your money. (And upset the pet shop!)
  • What Bearded Dragons Eat – Comprehensive list of food to feed regularly, occasionally and perhaps more importantly the foods your bearded dragon absolutely must NOT be given.
  • How Much To Feed Your Dragon – many captive bearded dragons are overfed!
  • Common Diseases, How To Avoid Them And How To Treat Them.
  • How To Deal With Shedding Skin – getting this wrong can cause distress to your dragon, stunt growth and lead to loss of limbs or tail.
  • What Is Brumation – and How To Deal With It.
  • Correct Lighting And Temperature – probably the most important advice you can receive in the care of your bearded dragon.
  • Which Are The Best Substrates – perhaps the second most important piece of advice you can be given for a healthy happy dragon.
  • Why some substrates are dangerous to keep your bearded dragon on – even though they’re advertised as being suitable.
  • What To Do If Your Female Dragon Lays Eggs.
  • Common Behaviours – Why Is Your Dragon Waving At You?
  • Common Pitfalls.
  • And much, much more.
Billie says you should buy this book!

!! This book will pay for itself many times over !!

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Why Do I Need This?

  • Download Immediately – no waiting (Kindle version – paperback has approx 5 day delivery time).
    Read on phone, tablet or computer using Kindle App.
  • Up to date information based on research as at 2019.
  • Save yourself time and money, secret tips.
  • Keep your bearded dragon happy and healthy for years.
  • Discover how most bearded dragons are not kept in optimal conditions, despite their keeper’s best intentions.
  • Learn which things you should be worried about when keeping a bearded dragon, and which things you shouldn’t care about because they’re irrelevant. You’ll be surprised about how much information on the internet and from pet stores is just wrong.
  • Save money, time and hassle by reducing vet bills.
  • Save money on ongoing costs with the tricks and tips in this book.
  • All while giving your bearded dragon the best environment you can, giving them a long and happy life with you and your family.
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Bearded Dragons: The Essential Guide Paperback Book 3

This book will almost certainly contain information that you don’t know about. And you won’t know that you don’t know it until something disastrous happens. Forewarned is forearmed – get the book now.

Many keepers incorrectly rely on pet shops for their advice. Most pet shop advice is horribly, horribly wrong.

These lovable little reptiles are absolutely not the same care requirement as many other reptiles. This book will teach you all you need to know to keep your bearded dragons cared for, happy and healthy and save you money at the same time.

If you’re not aware what diseases can befall your Bearded Dragon, you won’t know what to look for, nor how to avoid them.

This book can save you time, money, vet trips and even your Bearded Dragon’s life.


If your dragon is exhibiting any of these signs, you need to get your copy of the book now, before it’s too late.

  • Runny eyes or nostrils
  • Black tip on their tail
  • Has trouble breathing
  • Looks stressed
  • Hides all day
  • Is lethargic and doesn’t want to interact with you
  • Is aggressive towards you
  • Looks dull in colour
  • Lacks appetite
  • Hasn’t been to the toilet for a while
  • Twitches or has awkward jerky movements

These things can be signs of problems with your bearded dragon that will potentially hurt them forever. It’s not your fault if you don’t know. But now there’s no excuse – grab your copy of the Essential Guide to learn how not to make these mistakes and fix them if they’re already started.

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Don’t Let Your Bearded Dragon End Up Like This

Bearded Dragons: The Essential Guide Paperback Book 5

Many owners don’t know the proper way to care for a bearded dragon. Following the advice in our book will ensure your bearded dragon doesn’t end up looking like this. Don’t make your bearded dragon suffer because you simply didn’t know how to care for it properly.

The disease that dragon is suffering from is easily avoidable. But if you don’t know how, yours could inadvertently look similar. Don’t be cruel – get our book now, it’s a very small price to pay to know your dragon will grow up healthy and life a long happy life.

Ensure the safety, wellbeing and happiness of your bearded dragon so they can be a part of your family for a long time. Our book gives you all the advice you need to make that happen.

How Can I Be Sure This Is For Me?

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Bearded Dragons: The Essential Guide Paperback Book 7
Bearded Dragons: The Essential Guide Paperback Book 9
Bearded Dragons: The Essential Guide Paperback Book 11
Bearded Dragons: The Essential Guide Paperback Book 13
Bearded Dragons: The Essential Guide Paperback Book 15
Bearded Dragons: The Essential Guide Paperback Book 17
Bearded Dragons: The Essential Guide Paperback Book 19
Bearded Dragons: The Essential Guide Paperback Book 21
Bearded Dragons: The Essential Guide Paperback Book 23

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But Isn’t This Information Available For Free On The Internet?

Yes, it is.

So why are you asking me to pay for it?!?

There’s a few reasons we believe our book is worth paying for versus the free advice on the internet.

  1. Much of the free information is hopelessly out of date and not based on the latest research. Our book is up to date and re-issued when new information comes to light.
  2. Free information can be hard to find. If you don’t know what to search for you won’t know how to find it. The information in our book gives you everything you need to look after your bearded dragon and will likely include stuff you need to know, but didn’t know you needed to know.
  3. Free information can be unreliable and based on opinion, not fact. Our book has been independently proof-read and fact checked before being published.
  4. A book can be read literally anywhere. On the train, in the car (so long as you’re not the driver), on the toilet. In your lunch break. Etc. No cellphone signal required. No powerbank recharging needed.
  5. Makes a fabulous physical gift for someone who’s new to beardie keeping.

Now, we’re not saying there’s no place for free information. Of course not. Free information, groups and forums are very very useful for asking specific, timely questions. But a book, well a book is available 24 hours a day, requires no internet connection or electricity and will give you answers to the questions you didn’t know you needed to ask.

What Others Are Saying

I never realised how much there was to know about Bearded Dragons until I bought this book. It’s been a great learning experience and I feel like I can look after a bearded dragon comfortably now. Thank you.

John Murphy, Ipswich.
Bearded Dragons: The Essential Guide Paperback Book 25

Keep Your Dragon Happy and Smiling!

Bearded Dragons: The Essential Guide Paperback Book 27
Keep Your Beardie Happy and Smiling!

Who Wrote This Book?

The book is written by Claire Compton and Steve Brown – both authors of articles on this website. Both Claire and Steve are science degree educated and both work in the medical field.

The authors have owned Bearded Dragons as well as other reptiles and have used their own experiences along with research and consultations with Veterinarians, Herpetologists and Reptile Rescuers to produce the book.

There is so much misinformation available on the internet relating to the care and husbandry of Bearded Dragons. A lot of the information is out of date. Using their science based research skills, the authors have produced this book with only the up to date relevant information.

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