Bearded Dragons: The Essential Guide

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  • Download Immediately – no waiting.
  • Up to date information based on research.
  • Save yourself time and money, secret tips.
  • Keep your bearded dragon happy and healthy for years.
  • Discover how most bearded dragons are not kept in optimal conditions, despite their keeper’s best intentions.
  • Learn which things you should be worried about when keeping a bearded dragon, and which things you shouldn’t care about because they’re irrelevant. You’ll be surprised about how much information on the internet and from pet stores is just wrong.
  • Save money, time and hassle by reducing vet bills.
  • Save money on ongoing costs with the tricks and tips in this book.
  • All while giving your bearded dragon the best environment you can, giving them a long and happy life with you and your family.
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What Does It Cover?

  • Deciding whether to own a Dragon
  • How To Choose A Dragon When Buying
  • General Dragon history and information
  • How Much Do They Cost, Initially And Ongoing
  • Is It Safe to Buy Used Equipment
  • What To Look For When Buying Equipment
  • What NOT to buy – save your money
  • What Bearded Dragons Eat
  • How Much Of What You Should Feed
  • Common Diseases, How To Avoid Them And How To Treat Them
  • How To Deal With Shedding Skin
  • What Is Brumation And How To Deal With It
  • Do Bearded Dragons Need Misting
  • Correct Lighting And Temperature
  • Which Are The Best Substrates
  • Common Behaviours
  • Common Pitfalls

Why Do I Need This?

Unless you’re a bearded dragon expert, there’s probably something within this book that you can learn. Many of the pitfalls with keeping bearded dragons occur not through malice but through the keeper simply not knowing.

Many keepers incorrectly rely on pet shops for their advice. Most pet shop advice is horribly, horribly wrong. These lovable little reptiles are absolutely not the same care requirement as many other reptiles. This book will teach you all you need to know to keep your bearded dragons cared for, happy and healthy and save you money at the same time.

A healthy bearded dragon will give your family many years of love and fun. You owe it to them to make sure you’re getting everything right.

Don’t end up with a bearded dragon that looks like this! Get all the information and knowledge you need to protect your dragon and keep them healthy and happy.

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