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Bearded Dragon Advice(9)

This category contains posts that give more general bearded dragon advice that doesn't necessarily fit into any specific other category

Bearded Dragon Care(13)

This category contains posts that are specific to answering questions about bearded dragon care that don't fit into other more specific categories.

Bearded Dragon Diet(50)

This category of posts looks at everything to do with bearded dragon diet, such as which foods they eat, how often then should be fed certain foods and nutritional information.

Bearded Dragon Fruit(9)

This category shows us which fruits are suitable for bearded dragons and which are not, and includes the best fruit for bearded dragons and nutritional data

Bearded Dragon Habitat(9)

This category contains posts relating to bearded dragon habitat - i.e., the environment in which they live in captivity. Substrates, heating, lighting etc.

Bearded Dragon Health(31)

Various topics relating to bearded dragon health are discussed in this category of posts. Diseases bearded dragons can get and how to avoid them for example.

Bearded Dragon Insects(11)

Bearded dragons can eat a variety of insects, worms and grubs. We’ve categorised them all as insects for simplicity.

Baby bearded dragons will eat more insects and grubs than adults because they need to be fed them more regularly

Bearded Dragon Vegetables(20)

This category looks at what to put in a bearded dragons salad and how to serve it, how often, and nutritional data. Also, what not to put in a bearded dragon salad is also covered.


This category is for general news related to bearded dragons. It’ll often be stuff that we’ve come across on the Internet or in daily life that is relevant to the care and upkeep of bearded dragons and that might be of interest to their owners.

Questions Answered(35)

This is a broad category of posts that we hope will answer your various general questions about Bearded Dragons.