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Bearded Dragon Diet

In this group of posts we talk about various different things relating to bearded dragon diet, from which foods can bearded dragons eat, which fruits and vegetables are safe for bearded dragons and which live foods (and how much) should bearded dragons be fed. We also look at what happens when they’re off their food and what could be causing this.

Bearded dragon dietary requirements are relatively simple, once you know what they need. To confuse matters though, a baby bearded dragon diet is different to an adult bearded dragon diet. In this section we give you the tips and tricks necessary to feed your bearded dragon at the right time, with the right food and the right amount.

Bearded Dragon Candy

Can Bearded Dragons eat candy? Is candy good for Bearded Dragons? Can I give my bearded dragon treats? Can I feed cookies to my bearded dragon? Do you wonder any of these questions?
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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Fruit?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Fruit? Generally speaking, yes, in moderation. With one exception – rhubarb. Don’t give rhubarb – find out why in this post.
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