Bearded Dragon Habitat

Bearded dragons originate from the harsh, dry and hot Australian outback. Your house is very cold and damp by comparison (unless you live in the Australian outback!). Over the millennia bearded dragons have evolved very specific traits to survive in this harsh environment. As a result of this, they’ve not evolved traits that suit your house. They need a very specific setup in order to thrive and the habitat you provide for your bearded dragon should mirror their natural environment.

This setup is called a vivarium. It’s sometimes known as a terrarium or even just an enclosure, tank or cage.

This section of Bearded Dragons Rock gives you the knowledge you’ll need to set up your bearded dragon vivarium to provide the best conditions possible.

Along with their diet, the habitat you provide them is the most important part of looking after a bearded dragon. It can literally make the difference between your bearded dragon living a long, happy and healthy life or dying a slow and painful death.

If you’re a new bearded dragon owner we recommend reading all the articles in this section. The research you do here will save you expensive vet bills and give your bearded dragon the best life you can.

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