Bearded Dragon Health

Bearded dragons are generally pretty hardy and resilient creatures. But like any pet they can get ill on occasion. This section of the website investigates various aspects of bearded dragon health and gives you the knowledge you need to avoid them getting sick.

Nobody wants a pet to get sick. It’s distressing for you and your pet. And it can get expensive with vet bills or over the counter treatments.

The list of illnesses a bearded dragon can get is fairly long. We’ve not even mentioned some of the more edge cases. We’ve not looked at cancers because they’re an area of bearded dragon health that needs a qualified Veterinarian to diagnose.

Many of the health issues that bearded dragons suffer with can be avoided by ensuring their habitat is up to scratch. Similarly, if you give them the correct diet you’ll avoid many of the health issues too. But sometimes even with the best husbandry your dragon can get ill. The articles in this section will help you look for the symptoms. If you find your bearded dragon getting sick this section will help you with some home remedies where appropriate. In other cases, unfortunately, veterinarian help is all that will work.

Nonetheless, prevention is better than cure. So, if you’re doing your research ahead of time that’s great – these articles can help you prevent many of the diseases that can befall your bearded dragon.

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