Bearded Dragon Book – The Essential Guide

Give Your Bearded Dragon A Head Start

You may be hurting your bearded dragon without even realising it

Did you know, most sick bearded dragons are only sick because their owners didn’t know any better?
Our bearded dragon care book can help.

Bearded Dragon Care Is Easy?

Bearded dragons are quite different from normal pets.
They need a specialised environment to help them flourish.

I Won’t Make My Bearded Dragon Sick

Nobody does it deliberately. But we see it all the time because people don’t always know any better.
! Don’t take the risk !

But I Love My Bearded Dragon

Do the right thing and read up about how to properly care for them before it’s too late.
Many of the diseases take a long time of neglect to show

Do The Right Thing

Learn How To Care For Your Bearded Dragon Properly

Did you get a bearded dragon thinking it would be easy to look after and way way cooler than a dog or a cat?
The truth is, whilst they are cooler than a dog or cat they’re not as easy to look after.

What Can Go Wrong?

Most things that go wrong take a while before they start to show.
So you may think that everything is OK when it’s not.

We see it all the time. New owners (and not so new owners) arriving on our web site, or our Facebook Group arguing with the experts that their dragon is fine on this that and the other care plan. And they’ve had them like that for three years, so it can’t be wrong.

Until it is. Until the symptoms start to develop. Until their dragon gets sick because they didn’t know any better.


  • Runny eyes or nostrils
  • Bearded dragon hiding all day
  • Your dragon is lethargic all day
  • Looks stressed


  • Has trouble breathing
  • Black tip on their tail
  • Is aggressive towards you
  • Looks dull in colour


  • Lacks appetite
  • Hasn’t been to the toilet in a while
  • Twitches or has awkward jerky movements

Do YOU know what those signs are?
Do YOU know how to prevent them?
Our Bearded Dragon Book Can Help

You Now Have NO EXCUSE

Our bearded dragon book is available on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback, and on Google Play Books.
It goes through everything you need to know about how to care for your bearded dragon.

  • Deciding Whether To Own a Dragon.
  • How To Choose A Dragon When Buying.
  • General Dragon History And Info.
  • How Much They Cost.
  • What To Look For Buying Equipment.
  • What Equipment You Need.
  • What you don’t need to buy.
  • What Bearded Dragons Eat.
  • How Much Bearded Dragons Eat.
  • Avoiding Common Diseases.
  • Shedding Skin.
  • What is Brumation.
  • Proper Light and Heat.
  • Safe Substrates.
  • Egg Laying.

All the above is covered in the bearded dragon book – The Essential Guide
Plus much much more.

Your Bearded Dragon Could End Up Like This

bearded dragon with MBD
bearded dragon with MBD

This bearded dragon (called Export) had to be put to sleep the day after this photo was taken.
His owners didn’t know any better.

They could have though, if they’d read our book.
R.I.P. Export

Book Contents

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Don’t wait until it’s too late – learn how to care for your bearded dragon the proper way