Bearded Dragon Candy

Learn whether your bearded dragon can have candy or not. If not, is there a bearded dragon candy alternative for a treat?

bearded dragon candy

Is It A Good Idea?

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Bearded dragon candy does, allegedly exist but not in the form that you or I would recognise as candy / sweets. Indeed, the candy that we might enjoy would be very bad for bearded dragons due to the excess sugar that candy contains. But a specially formulated treat available can be a good alternative.

Bearded Dragon Candy – Does It Exist?

Bearded dragon candy does in fact exist and is available to buy, though to date we’ve only found it on Amazon. A link will be given below.

Bearded dragons shouldn’t be given human candy though ( sweets if you’re from the UK ).

Their intestinal and digestive systems use a process called fermentation to digest their food. This means that bacteria and gut flora in their digestive tract is responsible for breaking down most of the food ingested. Too much sugar will interfere with this delicate balance and cause them problems.

Is There Any Candy Suitable For Bearded Dragons?

There’s no specific candy, that you or I would call candy at least. Our idea of candy is highly flavoured, coloured and very sweet. None of this is good for a bearded dragon and they don’t need it to get a treat.

There is however a product from “Lucky Reptile” called Bearded Dragon Candy. It’s a dried fruit and vegetable mixture which reconstitutes when mixed with water. The box indicates it can be given dry but I wouldn’t recommend this as it’s likely to swell in the digestive tract and, as one review on the Amazon listing suggested it can get stuck to the insides of their mouth if fed dry.

Some sweet treats formulated for bearded dragons

I’d be inclined not to bother with this on a regular basis – better treats are available fresh (and live!), but I guess in a pinch it could be useful.

No Bearded Dragon Candy – What Then?

Fruit can be given to bearded dragons as a rare treat. We say rare treat for similar reasons to why the bearded dragon candy above should only be given rarely. Too much fruit can be a problem for a bearded dragon because of the relatively high sugar content. Fruit does work as a treat now and then because it also contains a lot of water which reduces the sugar concentration.

But human cookies, sweets/candy are not a good idea.

We’ve highlighted various different fruits and vegetables which can be used as treats in our post on suitable vegetables for bearded dragons and can bearded dragons eat fruit should give you some good ideas for suitable treats that would replace the idea of giving your bearded dragon any candy.

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  • {node.authorName}'s gravatar
    RenaeSaturday, 7th March 2020

    I fed my dragon dried cranberries yesterday and woke up with his black beard and instantly knew he wasn’t feeling well. He did poo all the cranberries out but still doesnt look good. He is still black bearded and doesnt look like he feels well. I pray he will get better and not die. I would never forgive myself. What can I do to help hime feel better???

    • {node.authorName}'s gravatar
      SteveTuesday, 10th March 2020

      Hi Renae,
      I’m not sure there’s all that much you can do except wait. It’s possible that being dried they have expanded in his tummy and making him feel very uncomfortable. Make sure his temperatures are correct particularly at the basking end as this will help him to digest and pass the cranberries easier. If he’s still looking uncomfortable after about 24 hours I’d recommend a vet consult as they may have something that can help him. We’d also recommend against feeding dried food of any kind, particularly fruit as he’ll need the moisture from food to remain hydrated properly.

      Hope he’s feeling better soon!
      Steve and Claire.

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