Bearded Dragon General Advice

Bearded dragons are among the easiest reptiles to keep in captivity. There may be some things you’re not sure of though, which is why we’ve produced articles that give generalised advise on caring for your bearded dragon.

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Can I take my bearded dragon outside?

Table of Contents Can I Take My Bearded Dragon Outside?Climate and outside TemperatureEnvironmentPredatorsTicks and parasitesReptile Leads, Leashes and HarnessesShare The Love:Outdoor Enclosures Suitable For a Bearded DragonBuying NewAnimal play pensOutdoor Enclosure / RunSmaller Enclosures /…
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Buying a Bearded Dragon

In this article we outline the things you need to look for when buying a new bearded dragon, whether from a pet shop or a breeder or rescue centre.
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How to Sex a Bearded Dragon

It’s really quite easy to tell the sex of a bearded dragon with a bit of guidance – this post can give you the information needed
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