Royalty Free Bearded Dragon Picture

A royalty free bearded dragon picture on a black background. Licensed for use in commercial or non-commercial works.

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Isn't She Lovely

I’m not much of a photographer – despite trying hard. Being colour-deficient probably doesn’t help either. Nonetheless, I took a photo the other day of one of our rescue bearded dragons and thought I’d share it here because I think it’s a fabulous shot. We’re allowing anyone who wants to use it as a royalty free bearded dragon picture on their own website or artwork.

Royalty Free Bearded Dragon Picture
Bearded Dragon (Rubin) on black background.
Copyright 2019 Most Useful

The picture was taken outside where she was enjoying a bit of a roam around. She’s darkened her colours up nicely to absorb more of that lovely natural UVB light. We think she’s around 10 years old. We also think she’s still a gorgeous little lady! We love you Ruby!

If you wish to use this image anywhere you may freely do so. We retain the copyright on the image but you are free to use it in your own artwork, pictures or share it anywhere you like. You do not need to attribute your source if you use the image – though we’d appreciate it greatly if you do attribute the source to 🙂

Consider it a gift to thank you all for you support of our website.

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